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As you can see UgcLA has got a new web site. There is more than just the layout and colours that is new; several new features have been included and are worth exploring. Most notably are:

  • List of Members. A table gives a detailed overview of everything you ever wanted to know about a library (and more). There is also a tab (at the bottom) with a different table that gives quantifiable information.
  • Map of Members. The exact location of many members has been pinned to a Google map through GPS coordinates.
  • Photo Gallery. Several libraries have their own photo gallery.


This new site is still under construction, and we hope you will bear with us for some time to come. If you have photos or information you would like to include, or comments to the new web site, please send an email to Espen Stranger-Johannessen (espensj(a), who has worked on (and still is) the new web site.

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