Uganda Community Libraries Association

Partner Organizations

The Uganda Community Libraries Association could not operate without the support of a number of generous partners.

Book Aid International
(London, UK)
has funded and overseen Transforming Libraries Project
Global Goodness
(New York, USA)
has funded Family Literacy Projects at two libraries
Hawk Children’s Fund, UMES
(Maryland, USA)
has provided grants for several projects


AFRIpads Uganda
distributes its products through the UgCLA network
Douglas College
(Vancouver, Canada)
helps to raise funds for one library;
sends interns
Friends of African Village Libraries
(California, USA)
helps raise funds;
advises on policy;
provides training materials and ideas
Ka Tutandike
provides office space;
collaborates on projects
Maendeleo Foundation
contributes expertise in computers and ICTs;
hosts website
Pockets of Change
(New York, USA)
has provided grants for several specific projects
Under the Reading Tree
(Vancouver, Canada)
covers running costs of five libraries;
pays the salary of one UgCLA coordinators
United Nations 1% for Development Fund
(New York, USA)
has provided funds for furniture and buildings for a couple of libraries;
channels funds raised by personal contacts in the UN
University of British Columbia
(Vancouver, Canada)
provides volunteers on a regular basis to two libraries