Uganda Community Libraries Association


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Libraries in the map include:

Adult Education Centre, Njeru
Bugiri Community Library
Bugubo Resource Centre
Bunabumali Good Samaritan Orphan and Needy Project
Bunalwenhi Community Library
Bushikori Christian Centre
Busongora Rural Information Centre (BRIC)
Caezaria Public Library
Christian Community Foundation (Bududa)
Community Empowerment and Development Centre, Lwampanga
Ewadri Primary School
Gayaza Family Learning Resource Centre
Kabubbu Community Library
Kasozi Primary School Community Library
Kawempe Youth Centre
Kitengesa Community Library
Kyabutaika Community Library
Magale Parents Community Library
Magale Royal Integrated Secondary School
Mpolyabigere RC RICED Centre
Mwenge Information Centre (MIC)
Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre
Sida Tuku Community Library
The Six Community Library Services, Busia
UDS Community Library (Kamuli)
ULALA Resource Centre
URLCODA Community Library
Village Connect Info-Centre, Kijura
Zinunula Omunaku Educational Centre, Kasawo
Zinunula Omunaku Educational Centre, Matuga


Libraries that have coordinated but are yet to be plotted include:

[These I will add once this stuff actually gets online…]
Busolwe Public Library
Kiswa Community Library
INFORALL Community Library
Christian Communtiy Foundation Bududa
Blessed Foster Family Foundation
Friends of Buvuunya
ALEA (old building)
Bunalwenhi (New Building)

Busolwe Public Library – N00°51.100′ E33°55.510′

Kiswa Community Library – N00°15.668′ E32°36.723′

INFORALL Community Library – N00°51.101′ E033°55.512′
Christian Communtiy Foundation Bududa – N01°00.638′ E034°19.907′
Blessed Foster Family Foundation – S00°22.607′ E031°44.687′
Friends of Buvuunya – N00°23.617′ E033°04.650′
ALEA (old building) – N00°51.100′ E033°55.510′
Bunalwenhi (New Building) – N00°29.116′ E033°36.403′